:: Mar 05, 2019

In celebrating Women Engineers and Surveyors in Honor of Women’s History Month, Danielle from dk discusses how she got her start in engineering, what skills females bring to the field, and the satisfaction she gets from her job.

Danielle Lindenberg Sanchez
Project Manager and Civil Engineer 

A graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Danielle Lindenberg Sanchez is a Project Manager and Civil Engineer who has worked for dk Engineering for 5 years. Her current position involves supervising a team of engineers and survey technicians on various projects ranging from commercial buildings to subdivisions. She also coordinates with dk Engineering’s clients closely on their projects in order to ensure a smooth approval process as well as to stay within the budget and schedule. 

We are asking Danielle some questions about her passion for engineering and where she draws inspiration.  

1.    What’s something unique and interesting about your position at dk:

When hydrologic and hydraulic reports are required, I usually volunteer to design the bridge crossing, culverts, basins, or storm systems since stormwater management is one of my passions.  I love problem-solving and helping clients bring their projects needs and thoughts from paper to real life.

2.    How and when did you become interested in the field of engineering?

I was always interested in space as a little kid and excelled at math and science. I even begged my dad for math and science software games.

3.    What inspired you to study engineering?

Initially I wanted to become an astronaut and devoted my studies to math and science. Realizing that I enjoyed watching construction projects and its different phases, I knew Civil Engineering would be perfect for me. 

4.     What skills do you believe women bring to the field?

Women in the engineering field optimize innovation, multi-tasking, and problem-solving. With more diversity in the workplace, the outcomes are optimal services and creative solutions.

5.    What woman inspires you?
J.K. Rowling – She worked very hard as a writer while raising her child. She also seems humble and an overall good person since she established a fund to help children and families and to battle social inequality.    

6.    What is your greatest satisfaction on the job … and in life?

It’s rewarding to hear that clients are happy about our product and services and the design alternatives that we bring to the table in order to save them money. In life, I am grateful for my family, including my husband and 2 chow chows, and the ability to attend school to become a yoga teacher.  

The dk team thanks Danielle for 5 tremendous years of service and wishes her all the best in her next endeavors where she will be assuming an engineering position for the City of Lafayette!