Employee Q&A: Take 5 With Millie

:: Feb 06, 2019

As dk’s Office I.T. Administrator and Marketing guru, Millie knows organization. She also knows accounting, event planning, data management, and graphics for land planning exhibits. She first worked for dk when she was still in high school running blueprints and filing – and came back after graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. And, fun fact: both of her parents worked for dk, too! As a wide-eyed six-year-old, Millie recalls visiting her dad, dk’s first employee, at dk’s first office on North Main Street, feeling so tiny compared to those tall solid wooden drafting tables. Her mom later became a bookkeeper for dk.

For the past 22 years, Millie’s been the go-to and the can-do person to count on. And now, we get to ask her five questions.

1. What’s your favorite thing about working for dk?
I love the variety of what I do. And I love that Andy thinks of me as dk’s “Resident Renaissance” employee!

2. What contribution have you made here that you’re most proud of?
I redesigned the old billing program and Rolodex/Transmittals program more than 20 years ago. And we still use the Transmittals Program daily!

3. What’s your favorite spot in Walnut Creek?
I don’t think any one spot is my favorite. I grew up here, went to school at Parkmead and St. Mary’s, and played soccer here. We had our wedding reception at the Walnut Creek Marriott and all three of my boys were born at Walnut Creek Kaiser. I just have fond memories in general.

4. What inspires you?
That’s a good question. I really like getting things done, and feeling productive. I like crossing things off my list. And I really like challenges, especially when it comes to troubleshooting computers.

5. Do you have a surprising hobby or interest?
I don’t know if it would have surprised anyone else, but I really surprised myself with my exercise and workouts. I lost over 30 pounds on a bootcamp challenge. Before, I couldn’t do a pushup, but now I get up before 5 am most mornings to work out and do pushups, planks, and crunches. I’ve really gotten stronger.