Palos Colorados

Moraga, CA

Developer: Richfield Real Estate Corporation

Palos Colorados is a 123-unit single-family residential community.  The property is in the Town of Moraga and is approximately 2 miles south of Highway 24. The project is bordered on the south by designated open-space, on the north and east by residential neighborhoods and open space located within the City of Lafayette, and to the west by Moraga Road. Each individual lot is approximately one-half acre. The 123 lots are located on the northern portion of the site, while the rest of the site will remain natural open space intertwined with hiking trails and emergency vehicle access roads.

dk Engineering designed the grading, roadways and wet utilities (storm, sewer, and water). Storm drain design included a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to size the storm drain pipes and ditches throughout the site. The storm drain system was designed to direct stormwater runoff to various bioretention basins throughout the site. These basins will allow infiltration to remove pollutants from the runoff before it is discharged downstream into natural drainage.  The sewer system was designed to Central Contra Costa Sanitary District’s standards and includes both gravity and pump systems.