Dayspring Preschool

Danville, CA

Client: Danville Congregational Church

Completed in the summer of 2010, this project replaced the existing school building and expanded the facilities of the existing Danville Congregational Church. Care was taken to seamlessly incorporate the proposed buildings and features into a densely compact site. This project implemented stormwater control measures including a bioretention basin at the front of the property, adjacent to Danville Boulevard (pictured right).

As a member of the consultant team, dk Engineering provided surveying and engineering services for this project. Coordination between the consultants was critical in order to provide a set of construction documents for all aspects of the project. Stormwater quality played a big role in the design and various measures were implemented to help improve stormwater quality such as: permeable surfacing for the play area, incorporation of stormwater control planter and bioretention area, and landscaping around the perimeter of the new buildings.