Camino Pablo

Moraga, CA

Developer: Dobbins Properties, LLC

The Camino Pablo project is a 23.90 acre site owned by Dobbins Properties, Carr, and Hoover and located in the Town of Moraga. A portion of the site, 8.5 acres, will be developed as single-family hillside homes with a road with landscape parcels and dedicated right-of-way to the Town of Moraga. The remaining property, 15.4 acres, will remain in open space, Parcel A.

Using Autodesk Infraworks, dk Engineering created renderings to help visualize what the proposed Camino Pablo project would look like, comparing the existing conditions with proposed grading, architecture and landscaping.

Infraworks is software that allows the model developer to create real-world models, utilizing architecture, landscaping plans, civil site grading, and pretty much anything that you can show in Google Earth. One benefit to developing a model in real world is visualizing the relationship to the sun at a specific date and time to plan for shadows and light. The software integrates seamlessly between Autodesk’s AutoCAD programs, allowing the model developer to create accurate models: Think the video game Sims meets Google Earth. This tool allows the entire team to coordinate their efforts in a visual way and analyze different approaches to problem solving.

dk Engineering performed the following services for the Camino Pablo project: due diligence, conceptual land planning, aerial topographic survey, boundary survey, PDP/FDP & vesting tentative map, preliminary C.3 storm water control plan, Infraworks modeling, and hydraulic and hydrologic analysis.

Before and After Images
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