dk Engineering Welcomes John Cuevas!

:: Apr 16, 2021

John recently graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. While earning his degree, John bolstered his portfolio by working alongside industry professionals with the City of Santa Ana in Southern California. While there, John worked heavily on capital improvement projects that focused on street rehabilitation. He spent time exposed to proposal review, traffic impact analysis, cost estimating, and the design process for street and sidewalk improvement. He also spent time in the field observing a survey crew and learning about field investigation and electronic measuring tools.

John is new to dk Engineering and is getting acquainted with a variety of ongoing projects spanning from single-family residential lots to large scale wind energy farms.

In his free time, John is an avid basketball, football, and baseball fan. He’s built out his home gym to feed his fitness habit and also enjoys spending time with family and friends.