Boys and Girls Club of Martinez Job Site Visit

:: Sep 13, 2023

We’re happy to share that Angela, one of our civil engineers, recently volunteered for an incredible opportunity with the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), as they partnered with the BIA of the Bay Area and the Professional Women in Building (PWB) of the Bay Area. Together, the committees organized a special job site visit in Concord, California, that aimed to provide an enriching experience for local youth.

Earlier this summer, over a dozen bright young minds, aged 10 to 15, from the Boys and Girls Club of Martinez had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Denova Homes job site. The experience was not just about witnessing the construction process; it was about inspiring dreams, nurturing curiosity, and igniting a passion for the construction industry. Angela’s dedication to empowering the next generation of engineers and builders embodies our values here at dk Engineering.

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We’re immensely proud of Angela’s commitment to making a difference in our community and for being an incredible ambassador for our company.