Aquashield Lunch and Learn

:: May 11, 2023

We had an amazing Lunch and Learn today at our office with John from Aquashield! His presentation on stormwater treatment systems was both informative and entertaining, showcasing the remarkable hydrodynamic separation technology that effectively removes sediment, debris, and free-floating oil. 🌊💧

John’s unwavering passion for preserving our water and environment, ensuring a cleaner future for our food and children, truly left us inspired and impressed! 👏

We enjoyed some good Jersey Mike’s sandwiches and were also thrilled with the fantastic Aquashield spinner pens and snazzy umbrellas they generously shared as swag! 🌂✨

Thank you, Aquashield and John, for an enlightening and enjoyable Lunch and Learn experience. Together, let’s make a difference in safeguarding our precious resources! 💙🌍