35 Years of Dan Drummond & dk Engineering

:: Nov 10, 2022

35 Years of Dan Drummond & dk Engineering – a duo that will go down in history! It’s such an accomplishment to have worked anywhere for 35 years, but we are so thankful that dk has been where you’ve stuck around, Dan! We celebrate the years of hard work you’ve put in, your dedication to excellence, and the way you always jump in and lead us into the next horizon of the surveying industry. dk certainly would not be in the same place without you and your leadership through the years. We also celebrate the fun and camaraderie you bring to the office each day. Every single person who has ever worked at dk, whether their time was long or short, has been impacted positively by having you as a boss or coworker. You are a mentor to many, and a friend to all, and we sincerely thank you for your loyalty and service.