Pantages Bays

Discovery Bay, CA

Developer: Pantages at Discovery Bay, LLC

The Pantages Bays Project is a proposed 292 single-family residential lot subdivision to be constructed as part of the Discovery Bay community in eastern Contra Costa County. dk Engineering prepared the land plan, development plan, the Vesting Tentative Map and provided assistance with the EIR process. We are also currently providing support so that the client can obtain the Army Corp permit.

Similar to other projects in Discovery Bay, the key component of Pantages Bays is waterfront lots with individual docks and deep water access. In addition to residential development, Pantages Bays would also widen the portion of Kellogg Creek immediately east of the project site. The proposed widening of Kellogg Creek is cosponsored by Reclamation District No. 800 to reduce water velocities in that section of Kellogg Creek and in order to improve public safety. Pantages Bays also includes existing seasonal wetland, marsh areas, and bank habitat that will be preserved and enhanced.

Of the 292 home sites, 101 would have deep water access via private docks, 14 would have deep water access via shared docks, and 177 would be interior lots without deep water access. The development also includes approximately 46.22 acres for bays, coves, and open water and 44.20 acres of open space areas (including wetland and emergent marsh areas).